Along with “Brightness”: How plants react to light and shade

Have you ever noticed how plants on your windowsill seem to lean towards the morning sunlight, gently tilting their heads? This enchanting sight is no coincidence but a subtle manifestation of the fascinating and intimate interaction between plants and light. Unable to move freely, plants spend their entire lives in their growth environment, constantly adjusting themselves to their surroundings to adapt and thrive. But how exactly do plants perceive and utilize the quality and information of “light” to regulate their growth, flowering, and survival? Dr. Shu-Hsing Wu, the Distinguished Research Fellow at IPMB, has been invited as the keynote speaker for the Academia Sinica Knowledge Feast-Popular Science Lecture in Honor of Late President Shih-Liang Chien. Her topic is ‘Along with “Brightness”: How plants react to light and shade’, exploring the radiant journey of plants in pursuit of light and shadow.

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